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​​Pennsylvania Dog Wardens

Our dog wardens work hard every day to serve as the eyes and ears for the dogs of Pennsylvania. They work to find shelter for strays or return them to their families, investigate dog bites and provide justice for victims of dangerous dogs, and connect dogs in kennels with humane justice.

Our state dog wardens:

    • Enforce licensing and rabies laws
    • Seize and detain any dog viewed running at large without its owner
    • Investigate dog bites and establish and enforce quarantine of dogs
    • Enforce kennel licensing and regulations through at least two inspections each year of every licensed kennel
    • Maintain a registry of dogs declared dangerous by a magisterial district judge and perform dangerous dog inspections
    • Prosecute dog law violations in court
    • Provide educational services about dog ownership

The Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement does not oversee or have jurisdiction over animal cruelty. PA dog wardens receive humane officer training, which provides them with knowledge about what to look for in kennels and other situations where animal cruelty may be present. If a warden suspects cruelty, they will refer the case to a humane society police officer or police officer for official investigation.

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